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    • Twenty in Twelve By Jenny on March 26, 2015 1:47pm

      I'm so excited to embark on this new journey and extremely grateful for this awesome community! In the past two years, I have lost over 80 pounds and 20% body fat. Now I'm ready to take it to the next level and share my journey along the way. ... More

    • Personal Record! By Veronica S on March 25, 2015 2:34am

      Last year at this time, I had completed one half marathon and had three more lined up over the next three months. I was going for the Triple Crown medal, plus I had gotten into the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington DC. My time for each of ... More

    • Almost time for Follow Visit #4 Week 5 By susanfletcher on March 21, 2015 12:54am

      Week 5 check in tomorrow. I missed week 4 being out of down. looking forward to seeing where i am at. the weekly check ins are so great at keeping me accountable. i have never stuck to a nutrition plan as long as i have this one. I am loving ... More

    • Cellucor is Yummy By Veronica S on March 20, 2015 9:20pm

      I was excited and nervous to get introduced to new supplements during my total body transformation. Going to stores like Max Muscle is a little intimidating to us non-body builders. I think all those stereotypes about women lifting and getting bulky were in my head, so I assumed ... More

    • Thankful By Veronica S on March 11, 2015 4:14am

      I have a lot of great information to share about my one-month check-in at Max Muscle today, but it's late and I'm finally getting sleepy. I just wanted to drop a quick entry to express my thanks to Ken at Max Muscle Raleigh and Steven at D1 Training ... More

    • One Month Down By Veronica S on March 09, 2015 10:54am

      Initial numbers as of Feb 5: BF% - 32 Weight - 138 lbs Lean Mass - 93.6 lbs Fat Mass - 44.4 After one month: BF% - 29.9 (OUT OF 30'S!) Weight - 143 Lean Mass - 100.3 Fat Mass - 42.7 Body fat decreased by 2.2%. Lean mass increased by almost 7lbs and fat ... More