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    • Happy Easter MM Family By David Sr on April 20, 2014 11:39am

      I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I heard this song last night and thought it was perfect for today remembering what this day is really about. God Bless you all and remember eat only the egg whites(LOL) More

    • pray & remain positive By Lizze B on April 20, 2014 6:59am

      A lot of you know from communicating with me, reading my journals and being,a part of my life that the last 6 years have been the most challenging in my life. I've had to change career path after medical problems and begin my education path anew after discovering I had ... More

    • Motivational Tool By AngelaG on April 19, 2014 6:48pm

      To help me with my motivation, I came up with a fun little tool that my workout buddy is doing with me. I made a weight loss goal of 20 lbs. I created little "milestones" every 4-6 lbs. The are a little random, but also at places where I have plateaued ... More

    • HAPPY EASTER By Dave on April 19, 2014 1:13pm

      I wanted to stop by and wish everyone here a happy Easter for all of those who celebrate. Be safe and have a great day. More

    • SATURDAY WORKOUT By Dave on April 19, 2014 11:20am

      Good afternoon my good friend at Max Muscle. Today was challenging I ran out of pre-workout drink mix and worked out without and surprised my self. The stamina is not quite there yet but I was surprise at what I was able to accomplish. I guess I ... More

    • CrossFit with my "Little" Brother By Jenny on April 19, 2014 9:20am

      My 21 year old brother-in-law woke up early for a CrossFit class with me this morning and repped his Max Muscle shirt : ) There's something about burpees and tire flips that makes a girl feel invincible - love it!! More

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  • RobUt weighed in at 234.0 lbs, down 10 lbs from his starting weight
  • The Tree Trimmer weighed in at 202.4 lbs, up 27.4 lbs from his starting weight
  • kal653 weighed in at 231.1 lbs, down 9.9 lbs from her starting weight
  • ERIC THE SUPER STAR CORONADO weighed in at 176.0 lbs, down 4 lbs from his starting weight
  • NurseNae weighed in at 177.5 lbs, down 9 lbs from her starting weight
  • Alyssa Gachne weighed in at 239.0 lbs, down 16 lbs from her starting weight
  • Brooke weighed in at 204.5 lbs, down 39.5 lbs from her starting weight