BEST RESULTS is what we're looking for!
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is awarding $250 EVERY MONTH to the customer who shows the BEST RESULTS each month!  It's easy to enter:  Take a BEFORE image with that day's newspaper & date, then at the end of the month do it again.  Post your results to this page and keep up the great work!  We'll announce the winner every month in myMaxMuscle and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  Good luck!

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Before and After Motivational Images
  • My Journey

    The burden of being over weight lifted. Such a weight off my shoulders... And thighs... And buns... And belly...:)

  • If I can, You can!

    Anybody out there thinking about starting a weight loss or workout routine but think you can't? Well I'm here to ...

  • Still proud

    Well I didn't make the top 20 this year but I'll still hold my head high. Proud of the fact ...

  • The power of change

    When I started this transformation, I just wanted to lose the weight. That quickly morphed into something completely different. ...

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