Location Erie, CO
Age 36
Gender Female
Interests Not specified
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / 2-year / AA
Favorite movies Cut Throat Island
Favorite music Top 40
I’m a 35-year-old wife and mother of a very active boy. I have been struggling to get through a few health issues, but with my husband and family’s support I know I’ll get it figured out. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 2 years ago and still trying to find balance with medications and trigger foods. I have always had back problems, but since having my son it has become harder to deal with. I have been getting adjustments, art treatments and Kinesio taping every other week. Just recently I have been told I have Antibody Disease and it is currently bugging my thyroid. I’m not on any additional medication at this time, but under constant watch to see what, if anything, develops. With all this, I have been battling with bouts of depression, fatigue, overly sleepy, insomnia, high sensitively to hot and cold, and low immune system. I get everything my son brings home.

I need CHANGE. Not just any change, but LIFE change. It is time for me to not just settle and let life keep just happening. I need to start taking care of myself so that I can be more active with my family. I deserve it and they do too.

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