Patrick Frost
At The EG Store Today!!
Location Elk Grove, CA
Age 30
Gender Male
Interests Family-Friends-Working Out-Having fun
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I occassionally drink
Education Graduated college / 4-year / BA
Favorite movies Hangover,Wedding Crashers,A-Team
Favorite music I like it all
Hi my name is Patrick I manage the Elk Grove, Arden stores which are located in Northern California, I'm hear to help anybody out with whatever question you might have feel free to call or send me a message on here and good luck to all contestants. I am a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and am currently working with several clients whose goals range from weight loss to weight gain. Growing up i was a thin guy. I excelled in sport cause of athletic talent, but scouts always told we would take you in a heart beat only if you were bigger. When i graduated High School i was a whopping 160 lbs but could throw a baseball 95 mph. I played college baseball at Missouri Valley College for 2 years, In which I furthered my playing days signing with the San Diego Padres Org, but ended my career due to injury. I also do some personal training on the side and that is what led me to Max Muscle. I have for Max Muscle for 4 years now.
I'm a down to earth guy who loves to have fun and make others happy. I truly love doing what makes me happy whatever that may be? Life is hard but its my life so i try to make the best of it everyday that i get. I have an amazing girlfriend who makes me happy and completes me in every way.


Max Muscle is about knowledge. We are not your typical nutrition store, not GNC, not Vitamin Shoppe. If you come to one of our stores we WILL get you results. My customers aren't just customers, they are friends. We have a lot of knowledge and are more than willing to share it with you. Our job is not to sell you a magic pill, it is to teach you how to achieve the results you have always wanted. We are THE AUTHORITY ON SPORTS NUTRITION.


1. All of our employees are certified nutrition coach's. We can customize a nutrition program tailored to your schedule, food likes and dislikes, and goals. Call to set up and appointment.

2. We also can write work out plans based on your goals and training knowledge.

3. We supply the best nutrition supplements on the planet at fair prices.


If this is your first experience with Max Muscle, I hope you will stop in and check out one of our stores.

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