I'm baaaaaack!!! :)
Location Hollywood, FL
Age 35
Gender Female
Interests Beach day or night, rollerblading, fairs, amusement parks. I will try almost anything once.
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Not specified
Favorite movies Rush Hour, Wedding Singer... Anything funny. I love to laugh. I watch movies occassionally, but I don't watch tv at all!
Favorite music Not specified
My name is Jenn, 35 years old, and I live in Hollywood, Florida. I am a 911 dispatcher full time, waitress part time, and also sell Avon. Usually I don't work less than 50 hours a week, so life can get hectic. I don't have cable or watch tv, rather watch a dvd occassionally. The weather here is awesome and I love outdoor activities, but don't take advantage often enough. You can go to the beach here pretty much year round, and it's awesome to rollerblade there. I love amusement parks, fairs, andalmost any kind of adventure. I went skydiving for my 35th birthday and it was absolutely amazing. If I can jump out of a plane, then I can do this challenge, haha.. Originally from Ny, also lived in Pa, and will never live in the cold weather again!! I am Italian, so I grew up around all kind of delicious homemade foods. I took an interest in cooking before I could barely reach the stove. Cooking, baking, and making candy is very relaxing for me. Of course I love to eat as much as I love to cook! As an adult, I have never been a stick. Tv portrays the ideal for all women to be petite and tiny. Newsflash, I will never be tiny or petite. I am 5'6 and not the twiggy type. I want to do this challenge to be the best me possible. I want to be strong and healthy without all the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies push on people. I know people that have been on meds for high blood pressure since 30 years old, or younger. That is sad, because a healthy lifestyle can help. I am fairly healthy, always have had good blood pressure. The one thing I do have that will be a challenge is having heel spurs in both of my feet. My doctor said that they are very bad for a girl my age. I do what the doctor tells me, but they have really hurt alot in the last month. I am sure that I will lose 15-20 lbs in my maxformation, which might help my feet a little. This challenge isn't my first rodeo of trying to change my lifestyle, but I know it will be my last. Everyone at Max Muscle is awesome! They actually work out and use their products, unlike other places. Who doesn't love being able to sample stuff? You will never be stuck with something that you hate because they work with you. I have been to Pembroke Pines, and now Sunrise since that's where I can get my fat measured, and It's the same great people. I am very excited about this challenge. Good luck to everyone. Let's get healthy!!!
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