Jane Horton-Groves
Very proud of all of my friends who have done so well and look AMAZING!!! What great transformations! I'm still doing GREAT! LIVING LIFE and in the gym still....I realized, however, that this contest gave me my life back! I AM A WINNER!!!
Location Salem, OR
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Gender Female
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Welcome to my profile. There are many facets to my personality and many "roles" I have direct responsibility for. My life has been one of dips and turns, fear and triumph. Many of my closest friends say I have lived more than most 38 years olds. That I have an "older soul". This may be true. I think I am lucky to be sitting here on my laptop writing to you all now. Lucky to be alive, and very lucky to have found my way back from a very dark place. This is my story. One I am proud to tell. A real story of what I have seen and experienced. It is time I tell of my journey thus far in life. It is important for me. This is where I can refer back, after 6 months of transforming my body and mind, to read the words I am about to type. To remind myself of where I have been, how I started in this maxformation and the reasons why I finally put myself first to begin with...
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