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August 18, 2013 8:02pm

Well, despite all that BS that has gone on lately I am still progressing towards this show as it is 7 weeks out now. Today I stepped on the scale to do my case study for my certification and to see where I was at post cheat meal and I am at 220 & 9.9%BF (thats up 1.1% BF, 11.2lbs, and 7.9lbs of lean muscle...ALL HARD WORK)!!!!! and that is on MM products that I put a lot of time and effort (& MONEY) in researching, asking a lot of questions and putting in the work in the gym which I spent HOURS UPON HOURS of journaling (workouts, life, meals, & supplements) and taking pictures for you all per the contest rules!!!!!!! I am getting ready to head to the gym now because I have to lock down my cardio and continue with my lifting regiment because it is getting to crunch time where I have to cut weight and try and keep as much lean mass as possible, and because I have character & because of my job I cannot and will not take anything that is questionable or not approved to make my weight class. If I don't make it I don't make it, I will not CHEAT anyone, anybody and DEFINITELY I WILL NOT CHEAT MYSELF to prove anything to anybody. The only people that I have to impress is myself and God, everybody else is just an on looker providing motivation!

With that being said, it has been nice knowing you all, I am officially done pouring my all into a company/brand that would give so many (799 to be exact) the feeling that if they put in the time and effort and bust their rear ends to transform themselves, their families, and individuals around them that they can possible be the face of a company that they TRUSTED, only to be disappointed with a decision on a winner that BLATANTLY cheated the system and every rule that we were told to follow. I achieved the main goals that I wanted to before entering MaxFormation and I am sure many others did as well. Could I have done it without it, maybe, but hindsight is 20/20. What I am thankful for is the fact that Stephan & Corry are real people who really care who have led many in pursuit of happiness in the fitness arena and I will join hands with them and do the same, while I venture into building a brand of my own one day in the future. Because of them and the hard work I put forward, I actually have a real testimony that I can give to individuals that I meet who are looking to take control over their lives, just like the young kid who wants to get into law enforcement that stopped me at work and asked what steps he needs to take to enter the career! We exchanged numbers, he is already a member of my gym, about to graduate with his degree, and impressed with how I look now almost 10 months since he first met me. So I will be HONORED to take him under my wing, train WITH him, PLAN with him, and motivate him to go after what he wants!!!! Something like what the winner is SUPPOSED to do, but I don't know about the rest of you, but never seeing 1 journal tells me that there was no real sacrifice, hardship, self-doubt, and a lack of motivation that ever happened for him like it did for all of us! Something that happened at least once in a 7 month span, and for this young man has happened a lot (the one I met), but I will try and eliminate how often it happens for him!

If you all would like to contact me feel free to contact me on email [email protected] or phone 5719696382. To the other top 8 (YES 8 that BUSTED THEIR REAR ENDS), I am overly proud of you all (Heather, Brian Cady, Emily, David, JoLynn, Ingri, Arpana, Kristie), you all are amazing in your own rights and I hope you are all happy of the progress that you/we made. We all have every right to be highly upset because we all spent 7 months of our lives following rules even when we wanted to do other things.

Now that I got all of that off of my chest FINALLY....It is time to go #BEASTMODE in the gym!!!!!!!!!

I have love for all that were involved in this process providing motivation to me when I doubted myself! I am glad I have a few of you alls number, I would like to get some more so that when I travel to your areas we can get a workout & post workout meal in and have some chat time. JoLynn....Im coming back to Vegas soon....have your box ready for a BEASTMODE workout.....even though you all might destroy me...LOL.


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