Bad news

April 29, 2018 8:33pm

After 9 years of loyalty I had to move on from max muscle do to the fall out between Tony Flores max muscle owner of east side max muscle he made it personal and talk very bad about my wife last March of 2017 and my son who has autism calling my son retarder etc I held back a lot n was the bigger man and walked away he made fun of me as well I got sponsored by any company that appreciate s me I even covered up the max muscle tattoo I don’t know if max Muscle investigated Tony the owner of east max muscle in Bakersfield cali. But all my peps I sent there before are all shopping at the new spot of the new supplement company that sponsored me the ceo joe I don’t think him or mark the regional director did any thing about Tony. I finally broke my silence that’s why I left mm

Eric the super star coronado

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