"Who is the real Superman"
Location san francisco, CA
Age 49
Gender Male
Interests Not specified
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I do not drink
Education Graduated college / 4-year / BA
Favorite movies Disneys Alladin
Favorite music Classic Rock
My Goal is to lose ten lbs a month for the next seven months. I will come in at 209lbs from 279lbs lean and healthy for my final pictures on June 30, 2014.

10lbs a month is my goal!!

1. I've increased water intake,
2. started high protein with low calorie carbs
3. started using MaxMuscle supplements
4. doing double split aerobic training
5. Weight training with good form in 45 minutes (upper / lower split)
6. Found support with friends, family, and "My Max Muscle"
7. Getting better quality sleep by setting a consistant betime and awake time
8. Planning shopping, meals and workouts in my daily schedule.
9. eating smaller meal 5-7 times a day
10. Keeping spaces around me clutter free (Healthy spaces)
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