Still on a winning path since 2011. Get healthy Stay healthy
Location Centennial, CO
Age 60
Gender Female
Interests Art, cycling and training
Smoke? I do not smoke
Drink? I rarely drink
Education Graduated college / 4-year / BA
Favorite movies IDK
Favorite music Country & Rock
Let me introduce myself.
I am Sandy a 56 year OLD woman

Growing up I was an athlete. I played softball, weight training, cycling, volleyball, skiing & hiking. My husband and I were always on the go and busy. In 1989 we decided to start a family. This is when my lifestyle changed. I still trained but started to have knee problems in my 40’s followed by three surgeries. I became overweight and hesitant to train as I was always worried about injury. My children started to develop athletic talents and I offered them the opportunity I never had as there were no women’s sports team at my high school. I spent the last 11 years watching my children grow. I was the dutiful mother that put family first, jobs and the home second. I came in at a distant third. I would wake at 4 a.m. to get to work at 6 a.m. and worked 8 hours straight to get home when my children arrived from school. I drove them to club volleyball, softball, hockey, basketball, tae kwon do. I sat & sat & sat watching practices and tournament the majority the year. My nutrition was poor as I tried to exist at about 800-1,200 calories per day. I spent money on every gizmo, diet fad, and snake oils sales person that crossed my path. I touted the miracles of the product or diet of the month as my new found scientific discovery. I made these miraculous discoveries after my average 3 hours of daily sleep. Sleepless induced shopping!!! Believing I have finally found the answer to my fat problems forever and once again failing. I just stopped thinking about myself. I put myself last and when I found the time to care I was too tired. This sounds rather hopeless but in truth put all my effort into raising 2 wonderful, happy and productive children. I made our lives special and never let know about my weight issues. Today they are both in college & I could not be prouder of them. They are my greatest success story. I took control of my life January 2010 I told my son a senior in high school at the time that I was planning on going to the gym and would not be available after school. He did miss me for the first month but he realized I needed to change my life and I never looked back.

This is the chronology of the making of Sandy Kaunisto
Phase one the beginning of the Lifestyle Change

I received an email from Bill Phillips of asking me to join his weight loss internet site. I started Bill’s 18 week program Jan. 1, 2010 The program focuses on changing your mindset & your body. Beginning stats: 225 lbs about 39% body fat and I was about to squeeze out of a size 18
Neck 14
Chest 44
Waist 38
Hips 46
thigh 25
calf 18
I was featured for my outstanding weight loss and giving back to the community February 2011.

Phase 2 Training
I trained weights alone from January 1-June 27. I lead a group of 7 women on a walking challenge we walked over 4,000 miles in about 8 weeks. I won the opportunity to train or have a sports evaluation at SportXcel. I chose the evaluation thinking I could take the information back and train. After I saw the variety of exercises and the new approach to sports performance I could not go back to a my old style of training. I train Monday-Thursday 5 p.m. adult session.
• I completed my first half marathon Oct. 2010 under three hours.
• Several knee surgeries in my 40’s required sleep in a knee brace prior to training at SportXcel. Stopped using a knee brace in April 2011
• Completed 4 5K-10K races fastest time 32:32.
• Planning my first triathlon SheRox July 10, 2011
• Max bench press 40 lb dumbbells 2 sets 10 reps.
Trails Recreation Center is my weekend training facility. Stretch and Balance, Advanced Cycling, Fast Track Interval Running, Beginning Yoga and Swimming. I love the instructors, classes and benefit both physically and mentally with this well rounded program. I was honored by the facility for the amazing transformation in 2011.

Phase 3 The MM Connection.
Around Christmas SportXcel sent me to Gary Connell from Max Muscle. Gary has 15 years of training and sports nutrition. He developed a comprehensive plan specifically to meet my weight loss & athletic goals. Gary takes the guess work out of calories, carbs, fats and proteins. I have consistently dropped more than 2% body fat per month while gaining lean muscle mass. During March I started to overtrain and under eat. He got my head on straight and my nutrition under control. I know now I have the skills to eat under control for the rest of my life. That is a gift I can never repay. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about learning such a valuable lifestyle change. I started taking the Max Muscle Supplement in January. My endurance got longer, I got stronger but I never realizes the potential of the MM products until one week. . . I just could get the store to pick up my supplements. Why was I sore, tired and lacking energy my thoughts were slow and sluggish. I realized could it be the supplements? How could the lack of supplements have made such a noticeable difference. I don’t know the science behind your products. BUT the TRUTH is I will never be without the MM products again. You never know how important they are until you don’t have them. Test it yourself or just believe me with age and experience comes wisdom.
Iso-extreme, Extinguish, MaxPro & Max glutamine
303-357-4744 • • Bryan Cash

Today, I am a 57 year young woman. I am an inspiration at I have learn about forgiveness including critical judgements I have placed upon myself. I try to inspire new people coming into transformation. I comment on their before photo which are some of the most embarrassing moments of their lives. I have my before and May photo side by side comparison. It is my turn go give back to the place I started first.

You are such a great motivator/inspiration to me, my friend! I hope you have had/are having a wonderful birthday celebration! ~Juliette

I hope you had a wonderful birthday !!!!!!! thanks for your encouragement and you really inspire me :-) thank you for that !! I need accountability for sure :-) have a blessed and great week !!
Invest in yourself. Get the amazing results you deserve
. ~ Kat

Sandy, thanks for stopping by with the motivation . Your energy has picked me up a notch.~Robertcan

Yay! I love it!!! You are an inspiration to me really!!!! I’ll get there I just have to keep working. Awesome pictures. Tracy

Believe!!! I love it! You make me believe!!!!! Let me know if you are planning to run Denver. Eyes forward. ~ Bob

Several trainer (Jill, Angela, Theresa and Gina) at Trails Recreation asked me to write about my transformation over the last year. The summary is in my photo section. I was featured on the wall of fame with my photo, the classes I took at the rec center and a section of Nutrition from Gary and Max Muscle. The information was up for several weeks and now in is a case with training classes. When I walk into the gym and people congratulate me, ask me how I changed, wanted my advise and are encouraged by my actions. I still get positive comments every time I walk in.

At SportXcel I was Athlete of the Month. I have been asked to write a blog of my training experience at the facility and it is posted on the web site. Big Honor. I can train as hard as the majority of the people in the center and what I can’t bring in strength or speed I bring with my attitude and heart. I love my trainers Eric, Rob, Justin, Al, Chris (slammer) Ryan, Sean and Jordan and the teams I train with. They have successfully transformed the my body from 18+ to the size 6 to 8 I am today.

Gary Connel has given me skills and nutrition knowledge I have been desperately hungry for so many year. Experts say nutrition is 80% of the transformation you gave me 100%. You have set me on the path of sport nutrition and not a band-aid diet. Biggest lesson learned. I can’t thank you enough.
To my MM family we are all winners. You have graciously let me into you hearts & though. Inspired & encouraged me with your photo, blogs and dedication to a better lifestyle. My age is 57 but I feel and look so much younger. Today I am the best I can be. Tomorrow I will be better. Success is a decision. Still working hard and being humble. I would really appreciate your vote.

Thank you beyond words,
Sandy Kaunisto
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